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We create finely crafted fruit-flavored, all-natural ingredients and strain-specific cannabis beverages.

In 2015, Dan Grim with Billy Roberts began to think of creating a healthier, hangover-free way to get a social buzz and relaxation than alcohol can provide.

By using cannabis in liquid form, with healthy and delicious kombucha they started the Good Stuff Tonics.

After a few years of creating and testing, the recipes evolved into strain specific cannabis lemonades using all natural ingredients. These finely crafted, delicious lemonades are the heart of what is now called Good Stuff Beverage Company.

Made for all

Real. Natural. Super tasty.

We believe we all can have a healthy life through a conscious choice of what, how and when to imbibe.

That's why we work to spread healthy cannabis beverages across the state, the country, and the world.

Every day is a Saturday with Good Stuff.

Ease your mind. Lift your mood.

Non-alcoholic. Social. Hang-over free.

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